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Press On

The Fortieth Anniversary Magazine of the

Sydney University Bushwalkers

1946 - 1986

President's Foreword by Paul Southcott

Press On Regardless - An Unreliable Memoir by Ian Ross

Recollections of the Sixties by Ben Sandilands

Arethusa Canyon by Quentin Burke

That Trip by Jim Spiggs

Behavioural Study of an SUBW Initiation Ceremony by Paula Waring

Broken Rock Range - Blue Breaks by Jim Bradley

Heart Attack Canyon by Chris Cosgrove

A Night Walk by Roger Lembit

The Marsupial Moose by Michael Doherty

Five Men Against a Canyon by Tom Williams

The Mount Mistake Trip - August 1975 by Chris Cosgrove

The King's Birthday Weekend by James Tedder

A 'Lost and Found' Story from the Past by Diana Temple

Marathon by Ian Ross

Brendo on the 'Ben' by Brendon Hyde

The Suboir Walking Club - a poem by Patterson's Curse (Michael Doherty)


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